A house built from puzzle pieces, representing Pendleton Place. The following subtext is written below: "Helping Children. Rebuilding Families."


Today Pendleton Place operates four programs focused on keeping children safe and supporting families in crisis through prevention, assessment and intervention.

  • Family Bridges – Safe custody exchange, parent education and supervised visitation for families
  • Assessment Center – A multi-agency evaluation of families led by Pendleton Place to identify root causes of neglect or abuse and establish recommendations for a plan to improve the well-being of children
  • Connections Count – Support and mentoring that equips young adults in need to lead successful lives as independent adults
  • Smith House – Residential home for teen girls

Through the years – the League has maintained a relationship with Pendleton Place. Whether it was providing volunteers through placement opportunities, supporting projects like the furniture needed to open Family Bridges through our grants program, or most recently – the addition of a board member representing the League.