Emergency Homeless Shelter Teens

The Emergency Youth Shelter (EYS) provides a safe place for youth in crisis between the ages of 12-21. 

The Minor Hall of the EYS  provides short-term overnight shelter for youth aged 12-17 who cannot live safely at home. Our compassionate staff provide 24/7 care of our homeless youth until they can ensure a safe exit.  

We also have the only Safe Place(R) site for teens in crisis in Upstate SC. 

The Young Adult Hall of the EYS provides temporary overnight shelter for young adults aged 18-21 who are experiencing homelessness for any number of reasons. 

Sometimes they have runaway. Sometimes they have left foster care without a home. Sometimes they have been expulsed from their homes. Sometimes they have escaped trafficking. 

If you are a youth in need of shelter, please call us. 

  • Compassionate, professional staff members at the EYS help participants reach their individualized goals by connecting them to various community resources for support.
  • In addition to providing all basic needs (such as food, clothing, hygiene products, etc.), the EYS also offers therapy sessions, case management, and family mediation to clients.

To apply for placement, contact:

Ashley Green, Program Manager EYS 

TEXT or CALL: (864) 551-0751

EMAIL: aegreen@pendletonplace.org 

Please note: 

There is currently a waiting list for the young adult hall (Fall 2022).