The Youth Resource Center provides support and mentoring that equips young adults in need to lead successful lives as independent adults. You can help a young person go from being “at-risk” to “at-promise” just by spending time and supporting them in reaching their goals.

Mentoring with the Youth Resource Center

“I’ve been privileged to come alongside an impressive young woman who possesses tremendous determination to achieve the goals she has set.  I’m so grateful for this opportunity to make a real difference in the life of someone who is determined to thrive and simply wants support along the way.”

-Betsy, Youth Resource Center Mentor


What is Youth Resource Center Mentoring?

A goal-oriented, solution-focused, and relationship-centered process that occurs between a young adult, ages 17-24, and an older or more experienced person in a non-professional, one-on-one coaching capacity. This supportive relationship benefits one or more areas of the mentee’s development (social, emotional, employment, academic, etc.) that ultimately leads to self-sufficiency and success in the young adult’s life.

As a mentor, you will serve as a guide and coach to a young adult as they work toward living a healthy and successful independent life. You will support them in achieving their goals, model healthy and positive behavior, and empower them to stay accountable to the aspirations they have set for themselves. All mentors receive ongoing training and support from Youth Resource Center staff to ensure they are equipped with the knowledge and resources they need to be an effective mentor.

You Can Make an Impact

Imagine… the time it takes to watch your favorite show, you could have a profound impact on a young adult’s life.

Part of self-sufficiency is having a network of support. People that care and hold you accountable. We are consistently seeking compassionate volunteers to provide mentoring and support to young adults in our Youth Resource Center. Mentoring is a proven strategy to transform the lives of young adults at risk.

Young adults who have someone to help them navigate through this important time in their life are most likely to go to and complete college, have a successful career, curb risky behaviors, and much more.


Interested in becoming a mentor?

You can learn more about our mentoring program by attending an informational session. These sessions will last one hour at Pendleton Place (1133 Pendleton Street). To schedule a session, please call or e-mail Ethan Johnstone, our Mentoring & Outreach Coordinator.

For more information on our mentoring program please contact:Ethan Johnstone, LMSW
Mentoring & Outreach Coordinator
(864) 516-1219
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